3 Apr 2017

Orders are now closed for the plant sale.
For anyone who has placed an order, we can all look forward to the orders arriving at the end of May!

14 Dec 2016

Akela’s final Cubs – 13th December 2016
Akela has been a member of our Scout Group as Cub Scout Leader for well over 20 years!
She has finally decided to call it a day having enjoyed all these rewarding years of volunteering, and we could not let her go without a special evening to celebrate how much she has meant to the current cubs, previous cubs (now Scouts) and leaders.
Here is a photo gallery from some of the activities (click on item, and then again on following image to see full size):

27 Nov 2016

Fun at the 60th Birthday Quiz

Scout Group has been running in current form since 1956 (as shown on part of mural in hall)

Kitchen Volunteers

Pie and Peas from Browns Farm Shop of Lindal

Wishing more exciting adventures for all its Beavers, Cubs and Scouts for the next 60 years!

12 Nov 2016

Join us for our 60th Birthday Party!
FAMILY QUIZ NIGHT + Pie & Peas Supper
Friday 25th November 2016 from 6.30pm
It’s been a right old year for birthdays and celebrations, 100 Years of Cub Scouts and 30 Years of Beaver Scouts, however, our
Group, in its current form, has also chalked up 60 fantastic Scouting Years.
To mark the occasion, we are holding a Family Quiz Night with Pie and Peas supper. If you are related to any previous members of the Group, please let them know and add them to your booking. We’d …