Membership subscriptions (from 1st Jan 2016) are £7.50 per month (paid online) or equivalent £15 per half term payable by cash or cheque.

The subs cover a multitude of costs:

  • Weekly activities at meetings (some more expensive activities may need an additional contribution);
  • Purchase badges and awards;
  • Insurance for young people, helpers and leaders at the Scout Hut and during adventurous activities;
  • Maintain the Scout Hall, Grounds, Stores, Equipment etc.;
  • Pay annual membership fees to The Scout Association.

This amounts to a total of £90 per annum which is approximately just £2.31 per meeting!
Fantastic value for money, all made possible by leaders and helpers volunteering their time and enthusiasm to bring the exciting world of Scouting to your child.

Regular online payment of subs is the preferred method of payment (cash or cheque payment is available if this is not possible), and you can register and setup or modify a regular payment with MyDonate by following the instructions in OnlineSubsGuide.

Online payments make our administration more straightforward, including automatic claiming of Gift Aid (where eligible to do so).
All online payments are controlled by you, through your registered MyDonate account.