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The subs cover a multitude of costs:

  • Weekly activities at meetings (some more expensive activities may need an additional contribution);
  • Purchase badges and awards;
  • Insurance for young people, helpers and leaders at the Scout Hut and during adventurous activities;
  • Maintain the Scout Hall, Grounds, Stores, Equipment etc.;
  • Pay annual membership fees to The Scout Association.

The current monthly subscription of £9 amounts to a total of £108 per annum, which is less than £3 per meeting!

Fantastic value for money, all made possible by leaders and helpers volunteering their time and enthusiasm to bring the exciting world of Scouting to your child.

If you are not able to meet the minimum donation level, we don’t want any members to miss out so please discuss with your Section Leader and we will discuss what can be done.

If you can volunteer any help (even just a few hours of your time – see Volunteering) or can donate a little more (e.g. £10 instead of £9) it can make a big difference for the group.


The process is fairly straightforward, but instructions are available in PDF format to download or print here: 17th Barrow subscription payment guidance/instructions

Subscriptions are are collected for membership of all sections of the Scout Group (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts) in the same way using one of the following options in order of preference:

  • Monthly Regular Online Donations on 1st or 15th of the month.
  • Quarterly Regular Online Donations
  • If you are unable to set up a DirectDebit and need to pay a different way, please discuss with your Section Leader.
    It may be possible to pay by Cash, or Cheque (made payable to ’17th Barrow (St Perran’s) Scout Group’)

For those of you who have more than one subscription to pay, the method for setting up the payments is described on 4th page of the subs payment guidance/instructions.

There is also a provision to make one off payments via card, but this will incur a processing charge for us. You may also use this to make one off back payment.

Online Regular Donations

We use CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) to collect your Young Person’s subscriptions.
Click the donate button below, or use form at foot of this page.

If you are eligible (a tax payer) they process the GiftAid Gift Aid UK Logofor us too, giving us an extra 25% paid by HM Government Inland Revenue.

This is a very efficient way for us to collect the money on a regular basis and urge all parents/guardians to use this method where possible.


There are a number of advantages to the Group if you are able to use the online method. We therefore request you consider it first.
However, if this is not suitable for you, it may be possible to pay cash or cheque but please discuss with your Section Leader.

This is currently set to £9 minimum a month, and £18 in July and nothing in August.

You may pay more than one month at a time in minimum multiples of £9, for example £18 at the beginning of the ½ term to cover two months.

Please note: If you donate, say £10, then we will assume that is a one month payment, if you donate £20 and tell us this is for two months we will assign £10 per month.

Questions / Problems

Any problems ask a Leader or drop an email.