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How to see the ISS

14 January 2016

At cubs on Tuesday we talked about the astronaut Tim Peake, and the International Space Station.  This week, the ISS is visible for a few minutes in the early mornings, so if you look to the south at breakfast time and the sky is clear, you have a good chance of seeing it!

BBC News about Tim Peake and Tim Kopra’s spacewalk
BBC banner image of ISS and Tim Peake

With the naked eye the ISS looks like a star moving in an arc from right to left.  If you have binoculars or a telescope then you might even be able to see the solar panel “wings”.  The time varies from day to day but it is after 7am on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday, and about 6.30am on Saturday and Monday.  Get more information at these webpages.

where and when to look to see the ISS  (you may need to change our location to Barrow in Furness)

track the ISS

A few cubs will be given the chance to do the astronomer badge with Bagheera over the next few weeks, so remember to bring warm outdoor clothes with you.

Tim Peake begins his space walk (all being well) just before 1pm on Friday 15th Jan.
See Tim Peake Prepares for Friday’s Spacewalk