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24 November 2015

Not a football scoreline but our next Group activity!
‘4-all’ because it is good for everyone – for the Group and our community.

Sunday 6th December between 12 (noon) and 6pm at Tesco Metro (Roose)

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts will be helping in the local community by packing shopping bags at the local Tesco Metro (Roose).

It is a fantastic opportunity for the community to see our Scout Group in action, make a really positive impression and help them by packing their shopping bags. We can also tell some of the shoppers about your badges and some of the fun activities; and let them know that there are some places available in the Group. At the same time we can raise some very important funds for the Group.

Why not tell your family and friends to come down to Tesco while we are there, and give us some support. You might also want to buy something at Tesco to put in the food bank which Tesco is collecting at the same time.

STOP PRESS!… we have had a great afternoon, meeting and helping shoppers at Tesco with help from Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and adult support from Parents, Leaders, and Group Exec… Thank You!

We packed bags and handed out leaflets about the food bank collection, and raised (including a fantastic additional Donation of £100 from Tesco) a fabulous total of £571.79

Well Done Everyone, and thankyou Tesco and shoppers for your generosity