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Annual Meeting Invitation (8pm Tue 15/10/19).

30 September 2019

Date: Tuesday 15th October 2019

Time: 8pm

Venue: Scout Hut on Yarlside Road

You are invited and encouraged to attend a short meeting to review last year and set the stall for next year.

The short meeting including reports of the activities and achievements of each Section over the last year, a summary of the accounts, votes for committee members, and an opportunity to ask any questions, raise any issues, or make any suggestions.

The delay to the normal date in June meeting, was in order to help us find a Secretary and Chair for the charity. These key positions are very important to the smooth functioning of the Group.
Unfortunately we have not managed to secure nominees, and as such the Group will find it very difficult to operate and make key financial decisions without a committee quorum.
You are urged to help us identify individuals with organisational skills who can help the 17th continue Scouting. The Association provide support and training. This is a great chance for you to use and improve your #SkillsForLife

We are also looking for additional Leaders for the Sections to help spread the load and share the experience of the varied activities that our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts enjoy. It’s a very rewarding experience seeing our young people join at 6 and leave at 14½ developed and matured.

We also need additional committee members to help with fundraising, maintenance and parental representation and so on.
If you think you could help to fill any of the roles, please chat with Graham (Asst. Group Scout Leader) 463186.
Its only with this amazing team of volunteers like you, yes YOU, that we’re able to keep running and keep Scouting

Thank you all and best wishes in Scouting!